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RevitaLash was the first product developed by Dr Brinkhoff in 2006.  Brinkhoff utilised his knowledge as an Ophthalmologist to develop a serum to help his late wife who had a diagnosis of breast cancer and lost her eyelashes (and brows) during chemotherapy treatment.  Nearly ten years on and Athena Cosmetics now produce several different products all with the aim to enhance the beauty of the eye area, whether that be in terms of strengthening and conditioning the eyelashes and/or brows, or defining the eye contour with cosmetics.  Due to Dr Brinkhoff’s personal involvement, a percentage of the profits received from all product sales is donated to cancer research.


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Hayfever affects around one in four people in the UK.  The symptoms vary dramatically from one to another and from year to year in the same individual, but when bad can really make life a misery.  It is especially cruel that symptoms are generally at their worse at a time when everyone else is enjoying more outdoor living in the sunshine.  Symptoms can include frequent sneezing, a runny or blocked nose, itchy, red watery eyes, a cough and a sore, scratchy throat and/or mouth.  If you suffer particularly badly, you may also experience a loss of smell and taste, facial pain caused by sinusitis, headache, earache and fatigue. Hayfever can also exacerbate asthma.





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If you’ve ever got sunburn on your scalp you will know how painful it is.  Brushing your hair is just not an option and when it starts to peel there’s no anti-dandruff shampoo that’s going to help the flurry of dry skin cells!  


What’s really worrying about scalp sunburn is that it can often lead to skin cancers, which can be either covered by your hair or on an area not visible to you and therefore may not discovered until they are well-established and potentially more dangerous.  However, applying sticky, greasy sunscreen to your scalp is often not practical and a hat is simply not appropriate in all circumstances .  Fear not, there are some products that offer a solution……..

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