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Weight management (whether loss or gain) through hypnosis can be very effective and, unlike dieting, can offer permanent results. It is, however, important to remember that hypnotherapy is not magic or an easy option. The key to success with weight management via hypnotherapy is that you have to really want to achieve a healthy weight goal and have a firm commitment to a healthier way of eating that is “for life”. This is opposed to a”diet” that is, at best, a short term solution and typically leads to damaging “yo-yo” weight loss and gain.

The theory behind hypnotherapy’s use in weight management is that you need to regain the feeling of being relaxed around food and your eating habits. It is only when you are totally relaxed in your relationship with food that you can take back control of your lifestyle choices. In order to produce a permanent change or habit change, the habitual thoughts and behaviours require reprogramming and it is this that makes hypnotherapy so effective in weight management.

Most clients will require at least two sessions to gain real results. In the first session help is given with motivation and the management of cravings (either generally or for specific foods). Positive suggestions are made so that the client can improve their own control over their response to food, manage any food aversions and help with body image issues. The second session is helpful to investigate any inappropriate relationships that the client has built up with food or eating through hypnoanalysis. Understanding the root causes for negative food related behaviours such as comfort eating, bingeing and obsessive fasting, enables the process of reprogramming to effectively take place.

However, with weight management it is very difficult to judge how many sessions will be required as, for most people, reaching their desired weight may take some time. It is also very important that the client is practising the techniques learned in the lesson and listening to the provided audio file on a daily basis. Fortunately “success breeds success” so that once a small change is noticed, the motivation to continue to your goal improves. However, the closer you get to that goal, the more likely it is that your weight will plateau and this is when an additional booster session can really help.

Losing or gaining weight will never be easy but, with help, it can be done – all that is really needed is your determination to tackle the problem once and for all. The benefits are amazing – not just for your health and how you look and feel, but also in your self-confidence, your self esteem and in the way that people respond to you, both personally and professionally. Could there be a bigger sense of achievement than reaching and maintaining your ideal weight?

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