Sarah-Louise Waters

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Hypnotherapy is very successful at dealing with all sorts of habits, from nail biting to thumb sucking, hair pulling to nose picking. These may not be associated with major health threats like smoking, overeating or alcoholism, but they can have a significant impact on people’s lives in terms of embarrassment and social stigma. Only you yourself will appreciate the impact your habit has on your life and how important it is to you that you stop.

Hypnotherapy can provide techniques for you to regain control of the habit. This can usually be achieved in one single session and the use of the audio file at home. However, in some instances, hypnoanalysis may be required to explore the reasons the habit developed in the first place and why it is maintained today. The original cause may no longer be relevant, but if your psyche appreciates some ‘benefit’ to continuing the behaviour, then the habit will also continue. In hypnoanalysis we can explore what the perceived benefit of the behaviour is and derive new ways for you to achieve this without the need for the habit. We can also build in suggestions to ensure that the habitual behaviour is not merely replaced with another.

The benefits of successfully breaking a habit are not only that the habitual behaviour disappears, but also include a sense of achievement, success, increased self-esteem and greater self-confidence.


Ever since I've had teeth I've bitten my nails. A disgusting habit I've tried to break a gazillion times. There are a whole host of 'solutions' out there - you name it and I can guarantee that my parents tried it when I was a child, and I've tried it as an adult. Nothing worked. Its embarrassing, unhygienic, leaves nails painful and is downright disgusting.

When I asked Sarah-Louise to hypnotise me I was VERY sceptical. I'd tried everything else and this was a last resort that I didn't think would work. How wrong I was. With just one session, I've stopped biting my nails and now have nice long nails that I'm proud of. Sarah-Louise put me at ease straight away with her professionalism, and I found the whole session both pleasantly soothing and completely relaxing. Sarah-Louise has opened my eyes (and mind) to hypnosis...I'm proof it works! I cannot recommend her highly enough. (Clare)

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