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It is quite natural for us all to worry from time to time, but a constant feeling that affects our life should be dealt with before it has a negative impact on our health. Anxiety can interrupt our enjoyment of life and our relationships and, if allowed to develop unchecked, can lead to physical and mental health problems, such as social phobias and panic attacks.

Our thoughts can affect how we feel on both a physical and emotional level. These feelings can then impact on our behaviour which in turn affects our thoughts. As such it is easy to see how a downward spiral can begin. However, it is also therefore easy to see how changing our thoughts from negative to positive can have a desired effect and change a vicious cycle into a virtuous one. By using hypnotherapy to alter thoughts and practise the newly learned skills of positive thinking, anxiety and any related problems will be resolved.

Anxiety or stress is reportedly the cause of more than 90% of all illnesses, but is particularly related to IBS, migraine, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, asthma, diabetes and eczema. By reducing your anxiety levels you will see and feel results with all of these related conditions.


Specific Anxiety

There are certain situations that produce very specific feelings of anxiety for most of us, for example, job interviews, exams, public speaking etc. Hypnotherapy is perfect for helping you learn new strategies to deal with these feelings so that when the time comes you can focus on the task at hand and not be distracted by the anxiety. For example, if you are nervous about your wedding day, hypnosis can really help to reduce the nervous feeling and replace it with excitement, so that your big day is as enjoyable as you want it to be and you can remain completely composed no matter what.



Rational fear is a natural and healthy response to a dangerous or risky situations, but unfortunately some people are plagued with an irrational, unreasonable fear or phobia which can have a negative effect on their lives. Thankfully phobias usually respond well to hypnotherapy.

Whether your fear is of flying, spiders, heights or cats, if it is having a negative impact on your life it may be time to regain control and deal with it once and for all. Hypnotherapy will teach you new responses to the fearful object or situation and allows you a safe, non-threatening environment to practice these new coping mechanisms.

Phobias are generally rooted during your childhood but you do not need to be aware of the root cause of your phobia for hypnotherapy to be successful in its removal.

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