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The fascination with Indian principals for wellbeing in Britain is probably a consequence of the Imperial rule and subsequent posting of British citizens within the nation during the 19th and 20th centuries.   A large amount of Indian culture was assimilated through the ranks and brought back to the home ground (hence curry being our favourite national dish) so that now even our vocabulary contains a fair number of words of Indian origin.  One of these is ‘shampoo’ which originates from the Indian word for scalp massage – champissage.  In the Western World we have renamed champissage ‘Indian Head Massage’ and this was traditionally practised within the family home, having as many benefits for the community as a whole, as it does for the individual.  The massage would be given and received on a daily basis from family member to family member, sometimes simultaneously with them sitting in a circle and each working on the person in front.  This was a very bonding experience for the family, allowing them to strengthen ties while keeping an eye on each other’s health.


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According to statistics published by The Independent, 75% of people manage to stick to their New Year’s resolutions for the first week.  However, the average amount of time that a person manages to last after that is around three weeks or 24 days when will power starts to fade dramatically (hence Fail Friday).  Only 3% of people that make a resolution will maintain the new behaviour for a year.  Over the last few weeks I have been looking at the ways in which hypnotherapy can be used to help boost your motivation levels and keep you right with your New Year’s resolutions.  However, your resolve to stick to your resolution is not the only thing that will make your goals easier to reach - there are also some practical tips to maximise your chances of success.  


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