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I’ve compiled a list of simple things to do to ensure that your skin is as spot free as possible.  They’re in no particular order and may not all apply to you but I'm sure there are at least a couple here that you'd not previously considered.  




  • Always cleanse your skin before bed.  Sleeping in your makeup and grime from the day is a sure fire way to block your pores.  If you have the time and energy make sure you cleanse really well.  If you are drunk or just tired, any effort is better than none!  For more information on cleansing see…..


  • Remember to cleanse your entire face (especially up to your ears if you are rocking the current contouring look.)


  • If you wear an oil based makeup you will need to double cleanse your face at night.  The first cleanse removes the makeup, the second cleanse actually cleans your skin.  An oil cleanser is best for removing heavy makeup.


  • Clean your hands before you cleanse your face or you will put all of the dirt and bacteria from your hands onto your skin.


  • If you use a face cloth to remove your cleanser, change it on a regular basis.  Cloths harbour germs.  Use a different towel to dry your face from your hand towel and change that regularly too for the same reason.


  • Cleanse your skin in the morning to remove all of the toxins that have been purged overnight.  You will also have sweat and dirt on your face from your pillowcase.


  • Wash and change your pillowcase on a regular basis - your face is rubbed into it for hours every night.


  • Exfoliate your skin at least weekly.  Concentrate on those areas that you normally breakout.  If you have a current breakout, use an exfoliating mask (containing acids or enzymes) rather than a scrub that will move the bacteria around your face as you use it.  For more information on exfoliation see…..


  • Clean your makeup brushes regularly and throw out any old foundations and/or concealers or you will be introducing more bacteria to your skin.


  • Clean your tweezers with alcohol before plucking your eyebrows.



  • Keep your hair off of your face as much as possible, especially at night when your pores are open more.  Do not use greasy/oily hair products on hair that touches your face.


  • Wash your face after you have rinsed off your hair conditioner as it can often get stuck in pores and irritate / block them.


  • Remove your makeup before you work out and cleanse the sweat from your face as soon as you finish.  As you workout your pores open and will drink in any impurities on the surface which could lead to acne cosmetica and sweat left on the skin can cause acne mechanica (for a full list of the different types of acne, see my last blog…….


  • Try not to touch your face too often, especially resting your chin on your hand.  The more we touch, the more bacteria we introduce to the face.



  • Stop smoking.  Smokers often suffer with blackheads more than non-smokers due to the chemical build up from the smoke on their faces.  The effects of smoking also mean that your skin will take longer to heal from a spot.  If you would like help to stop smoking with hypnotherapy, please see my website…..


  • Clean your mobile phone and any other phones you use on a regular basis.  Dirty phones can lead to blackheads and breakout in front of the ears and across the cheeks.


  • Ensure you are eating a full and varied diet.  Some acne sufferers are able to control their symptoms purely with diet and food intolerances can sometimes be the sole cause of breakout.  If you believe this to be the case with you, see your GP for more advice.


  • Reduce your dairy intake.  The hormones used in farming to produce higher milk yields from the cows are passed onto us when we ingest any dairy products (especially full fat milk).  These hormones will effect your own and can lead to breakout.  Be wary of Soya Milk too as soya is phytoestrogen and may produce similar skin changes to a contraceptive.


  • Many women suffer with hormonal breakout, which tends to occur regularly at a certain time of the month and appear mostly on the chin.  It may be that a simple change in your contraception is the answer to clearer skin all month.


  • Lower your stress levels.  Easier said than done, but stress has a huge effect on our hormones, which in turn affect our skin.  Try some relaxation techniques and ensure that you are exercising and sleeping well on a regular basis.  

  • Switch to a non-comedogenic (non pore blocking) sunscreen.  In fact, ensure that all of your products, including your makeup, are non-comedogenic.


  • Unless your skin is oily (has an oily sheen to it all day) do not use harsh over-drying products.  Your skin will simply react by producing more oil.  Even oily skins should moisturise - there are plenty of oil free moisturisers on the market these days.


  • Dry your hair before applying your makeup.  The heat from a hairdryer will open your pores and slightly melt your makeup causing it to sink into the skin and cause blockages.


  • Try going without makeup for at least one day a week.  Sounds frightening but your skin will be much clearer as a result.


  • Restrict your use of faketan on the face.  Again, look for the magic words, non-comedogenic, and see what works for your skin.



    I hope that following these hints makes a difference to your skin. If, however, you have tried all of these things and are still suffering with breakout or if you think you actually have acne, I urge you to see your GP and/or get a referral to see a Dermatologist.  Otherwise you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


    For more helpful advice and for a free skin consultation, book in for a facial. You can book via the contacts page of this website, or on my facebook page ( or by calling me on 07791 634 727.

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